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    Sonata: |noun| so.na.ta \sə-nä-tə\

    1. an instrumental musical composition typically of three or four movements in contrasting forms and keys

    2. a short literary work, or novel, developed following a sonata structure in which language mimics the tempo indicated for each passage, or movement, transmitting strong emotion as in music.

    From New World Dictionary – Future Edition

Too much, too fast, too fun!

Well, she’s safely back in Italy despite numerous adventures in the states. Author Kaila E. Haines now has a full plate for the Fall. “Marketing a book takes an enormous amount of effort. Truthfully, right now, I am going to have to let my fans spread the word while I concentrate on other activities. The Sonata Challenge has … Continue reading

Capital Idea!

Author Kaila E. Haines is winding up her US tour, last stop Washington DC. We asked her for her impressions of the country’s capitol. “I’ve been to Washington before. It’s a marvelous city, so monumental. It’s a great place to meet people too. So many people come to the capitol from all over the country. … Continue reading

Author k e haines

Time off in Chicago

There is no better place to unwind than your hometown. Getting back to Chicago after more than twenty years, author Kaila Haines was thrilled with how familiar it all felt. “The library is now a visitor’s center, Field’s is now Macy’s and the Museum of Science and Industry is no longer free, but other than … Continue reading

Author k e haines

Taking New York by Storm

When we sent author Kaila Haines to NYC to promote her book we told her she’d “take the city by storm” but we never immagined she’d take us literally. Kaila arrived just hours before Hurricane Irene shut the city down. Kaila was very philisophical about the whole thing. “Trying to organize an event to promote … Continue reading

Musical notes

Gauntlet Thrown

Creative writing programs across the globe have been receiving their letters inviting them to join the Sonata Challenge.  It is very exciting to know that people are actually considering the challenge and are coming to us for further information. We are very optimistic. We don’t expect 100 % participation but based on initial feedback we believe … Continue reading

Musical notes

International Challenge for Writers

Sonata Publishing House is inviting writers across the globe to try their hand at writing a sonata. For details see the page on our site.

Sonata Publishing House launches Sonata Challenge

Sonata Publishing House has decided to launch the Sonata Challenge, inviting writers to submit their manuscripts based on the new sonata format launched by author Kaila E Haines. For further details see the Sonata Challenge page on our blog.

Author Planning US Book Tour

Author Kaila E Haines is currently planning a US tour to promote her book Autumn Sonata. Stops include New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC. Further details will be published as they become available.

Behind the hype, a good story

The book market today is all about publicity – getting the book reviewed by the right reviewer, advertising, press releases, sponsorships, etc… But, at the end of the day, the book still needs to tell a good story. As a friend once said, “you can put my ninety year old grandmother in nine inch pumps … Continue reading

Hemingway Rewritten

We asked author Kaila E Haines to comment on why she dislikes Hemingway. Her response “Too many “ands” See for yourself! “The trunks of the trees too were dusty and the leaves fell early that year and we saw the troops marching along the road and the dust rising and leaves, stirred by the breeze, … Continue reading